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Oakdale real estate is a regional treasure, and both businesses and homeowners are taking notice. The town’s lake and award-winning schools will attract many prospective owners to homes for sale in Oakdale. When it comes to Oakdale homes for sale, The Antonov Group offers exceptional insight and experience!

Location, Location, Location

Woodbury, Mahtomedi, Little Canada, Maplewood, White Bear Lake and Arden Hills all border the City of Oakdale. For easy access to these suburbs and the rest of the metro area, Interstate Highway 694, Interstate Highway 94 and Minnesota State Highway 36 run through and around the city. Homes for sale in Oakdale also enjoy proximity to the beautiful Tanner’s Lake, which is used for boating, swimming and year-round fishing! Glassbridge, formerly known as Imation, has taken note of Oakdale’s favorable location, and as a result built their world headquarters in town. Corporate giant 3M is also nearby, which along with other local businesses provides employment and economic stimulation for the city.


The recorded history of Oakdale begins with a small, plucky community of farmers. When winter took over and froze the ground, the locals would make lemons out of lemonade and farm their own lake. Residents cut massive hunks of ice from Tanners Lake and packed them with sawdust in a designated ice house. Every summer, they would sell their winter bounty to nearby communities, which would keep food cold for days at a time! In the mid-19th century, the town officially organized, and the newly elected Judge, Arthur Stephens, suggested the town be named Oakdale after the lush grove of oak trees that lined the area. Over the next several decades, Oakdale made multiple attempts to incorporate as an official city. The Minnesota Municipal Commission kept striking down the motions, stating that the area wasn’t large enough. Finally, in 1968, the town joined with the township of Northdale to form the modern-day City of Oakdale


Independent School District 622 provides public schooling for owners of Oakdale real estate. The district employs an exceptional group of teachers, 76% of which hold a master’s degree or higher. Mini Apple International Montessori School is also in town, which offers a unique curriculum, small class sizes and national/state recognition.

To Do, To See

June brings the city’s annual Summerfest, a four-day festival with live music, bingo, royalty, a carnival, beer garden, amateur boxing, fireworks and more! Owners of Oakdale homes for sale can also look forward to the town’s unique dining options and endless fun at more than 30 parks, including the popular Tanners Park on the lake!

Homes For Sale in Oakdale, MN

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