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Buyers looking for a beautiful town with a rich history and beautiful natural offering should look no further than New Brighton. New Brighton real estate is a ticket to a town with it all. From a nationally renowned marching band to a mini gold rush in the 1920’s, homes for sale in New Brighton mean that you can buy a piece of Americana

Location, Location, Location

Homes for sale in New Brighton have access to both Interstate 694 and 35W. These roads flow all over the Twin Cities, which means that a commute or a night on the town doesn’t have to become a full blown road trip. The town is filled with parks, most notably Richard J Hansen Park, Freedom Park and Long Lake Park. Long Lake Park is filled with little wonders to discover, from over 200 year old Oak Bur trees to bits of forgotten farmsteads marked by lilac and rose bushes. This also has more than enough lakes to satisfy any outdoors people, such as Pike Lake, Long Lake and Silver Lake, with plenty of properties featuring New Brighton homes for sale. Nearby cities are Minneapolis, Saint Paul etc.

New Brighton History

New Brighton truly began during the last ice age, when part of the east-central Minnesota glacial plain sandpile was flattened by glaciers in the most recent glacial advance. The movement of the ice sheets left behind a stunning landscape, a feature that is still prevalent in New Brighton real estate. Skipping forward a few millennia, the actual city of New Brighton was incorporated in 1891. It grew steadily for 30 years, and even more so during the ‘mini gold rush’ caused by a rumor spread by a farmer about buried bootlegger gold by the river!

To Do, To See

New Brighton has more than its share of community offerings. Take part in the annual Stockyard Days every August, or the Polka Dance Party that’s been taking place since 1892! Downtown New Brighton is filled with shops and lined with ornate old-fashioned street lights. Pick up a copy of The Bulletin, the newspaper that keeps residents of the town updated on topics from sports to local crime and everything in between. Homes for sale in New Brighton give buyers a gateway to a bustling community.

Homes for Sale in New Brighton

If New Brighton sounds like a great fit for you, now is a great time to check out homes for sale in New Brighton! New Brighton real estate is diverse and available at many price points. The Antonov Group is eager to help you join this beautiful town!

Homes For Sale in New Brighton, MN

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