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Affordability of Homes For Sale In Minneapolis

Minneapolis real estate values have been rising slowly but steady since 2012 attracting home buyers as well as real estate investors from all over the country. Minneapolis homes for sale are still at very affordable prices, especially when you compare them to other metro areas in the country which makes it one of the most affordable and attractive places to live for a number of different reasons.

Although cold and bitter in winters, the city of Minneapolis is the largest business center between Seattle and Chicago that offers a lot of opportunities for residents of all ages and groups. Strong local economy, vibrant local culture and diversity of neighborhoods make Minneapolis one of the top cities to relocate to.

Huffington Post calls Minneapolis as “the new everything”. Minneapolis is becoming one of the trendiest cities in the country and as strange as it sounds, it is as “hip” as it gets. There is a major pro team in every possible sport there is…The Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Minnesota Wild and Lynx. This city has something to offer for virtually everyone.

Minneapolis Offers some of The Best Employment Opportunities in The Country

Minneapolis is one of the top 10 cities to live in for millennials  in terms of employment opportunities and quality of life. Some of the most recognized companies in the world are headquartered in Minnesota. In fact, there are 18 Fortune 500 firms based out of Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Some of the companies topping the list include United Health Group, Target, Best Buy, CHS, Supervalu, 3M, General Mills, Medtronic, Land O’Lakes and many more! Read more about Fortune 500 Companies in MN.

#1 Healthiest City in The Country

Recent article named Minneapolis as #1 Healthiest City in The U.S. City of Minneapolis residents enjoy one of the cleanest air quality in the country, have one the lowest overweight statistics in the country and get their regular exercise in! Minneapolis was one of the first U.S. cities to ban smoking in public places and was also a pioneer city to add bike trails! This makes Minneapolis homes for sale even more attractive!

As a Minneapolis-St. Paul resident, you are less likely to suffer from diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease and are elected to be in better than average health. Minneapolis offers lots of parks, walking trails, and open spaces for its residents to enjoy.

There are a great number of Minneapolis homes for sale available and you can easily find your dream home here. Remember that buying a house is a huge financial transaction so you may want to look into things carefully before making a decision.

Making Up Your Mind

A clear mind can give you just the direction you need to get exactly what you are looking for. Also, it saves time and trouble by getting efforts focused in the right direction which helps when looking at Minneapolis homes for sale.

In order to do so, consider seeking answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of a home do you need? A condo, a single family home, a town home, an apartment or maybe a multi-family home in Minneapolis?
  • How big does the home need to be for comfortably accommodating your family?
  • What neighborhood would you want it to be located in? Do you want to live in Uptown, or maybe in South Minneapolis? Have you considered living by Lake Harriet or maybe Lake Nokomis? Or maybe Northeast is the neighborhood for you? Maybe North Loop or Downtown is a perfect setting for you? Whatever neighborhood you choose, Minneapolis will not disappoint you.
  • What is your budget limit? What are your financing options? Answering these questions will help you determine what kind of a home to look for and what neighborhood might work well with your budget

Getting Pre-Approved For a Home Loan

Getting a home loan is one the most important things when it comes to buying a home. It is a huge commitment and one of the largest investments that you will make in your lifetime therefore get your finances in place before looking into Minneapolis homes for sale. It is very important to have a good loan to help you secure your financial future.

You may or may not have some savings on you and, your source of income may or may not be consistent. Sorting out the financing options is necessary to ensure peace of mind in the long-run. If your income fluctuates, buying a duplex for sale in Minneapolis might be a better option for you because you can rent out the other half to help you out with payments.

If traditional financing is not an option for you, remember that there are a number of alternative financing options such as rent to own or contract for deed that might help you secure a home in Minneapolis. Good credit ratings could help you get them easily. Plan it out well as to what suits you!

Hire a Real Estate Agent

To start looking at Minneapolis homes for sale, you will need to hire a real estate agent familiar with the area. Herman Antonov is a local real estate agent ready to help you to buy your next home. Knowing exactly what you are looking for will help both you and your agent, so start thinking of possibilities early.

Remember to get a home inspection done and use expert advice from your real estate agent so that you are in for no surprise and pay a fair price for the property.

Homes For Sale in Minneapolis, MN

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