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Buyers will love homes for sale in Maplewood. Many parks, quality schools and shopping options await owners of Maplewood homes for sale, as well as access to some of Minnesota’s finest bodies of water. Maplewood real estate is a specialty of The Antonov Group, and they’re excited to begin helping you find yours!

Location, Location, Location

United States Highway 61, Minnesota Highway 36, and Interstate Highways 35E, 94, 494 and 694 all run through town, making Maplewood real estate easily accessible from every direction and suburb. The closest suburbs include Roseville, Mahtomedi, Newport, Woodbury, North St. Paul, West St. Paul, Oakdale, Falcon Heights and Lilydale. Metro Transit, Metro Mobility and Transit Link all have multiple stops throughout town for those choosing to leave the car at home. The convenient transportation options and location have attracted the corporate headquarters of the giant 3M corporation, along with the top-tier St. John’s Hospital.


Maplewood real estate belonged to the Dakota in the early to mid-19th century. In 1850, the United States sold settlers the land at a whopping $2/acre. However, because the settlers were asked to leave by the Dakota, they were not able to begin building on the land until after the defeat of the Dakota at the hands of the Ojibwa in 1852. The town grew slowly thanks to the stagecoach line used through 1870, and then the railroad built shortly afterwards. Maplewood exploded in the 1950’s thanks to the housing boom and the arrival of the now-giant 3M Corporation. The city still honors its heritage through Bruentrup Heritage Farm, which was given the Historic Preservation Award in 2000, shortly after it was opened to the public.


The city of Maplewood hosts multiple high-quality schools, including both private and public options. Owners of homes for sale in Maplewood can send their children to one of the top performing elementary schools in Minnesota, Carver Elementary, and the Harambee year-round K-6 school, which is a designated integration school. Newsweek also named Maplewood’s North High School as one of the top 1300 schools in the United States! The high school offers students programs such as PSEO, AP, College in Schools and many others.

To Do, To See

Stroll through the well-maintained Community Gardens or The Ponds at Battle Creek. Make sure to grab your helmet and your bike to navigate the scenic Bruce Vento Regional Bike Trail. For indoor days, the popular Maplewood Mall and unique area restaurants are a perfect fit as well. Homes for sale in Maplewood mean buyers will be hard-pressed for boredom!

Homes For Sale in Maplewood, MN

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