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Homes for sale in Lakeville are an attractive option for prospective homes buyers. Lakeville real estate offers proximity to the Twin Cities with access to high-performing schools and nature’s beauty. The Antonov Group is excited to share their knowledge of the town and help you find your own home for sale in Lakeville!


The history of Lakeville real estate begins with a man named J.J. Brackette, who platted the site between St. Peter and St. Paul next to a lake that he named Prairie Lake. Early settlers in the area were primarily Scandinavian, and the city’s economy relied heavily on their farming and agricultural skills. In 1910, Marion Savage broke ground on the Dan Patch Railroad Line in order to service his exciting new venture, the Antlers Amusement Park. Antlers was one of the most popular attractions in the Midwest, and the train would run in and out of the amusement park 19 times a day! As the depression hit and people had less expendable income for rides and games, the park closed and was replaced with the city milling center. This stimulated the town’s agricultural industry even further, and to this day Lakeville is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Minnesota!

Location, Location, Location

Vermillion River, which is a Minnesota designated trout stream, runs through town, and the North Creek headwaters are on the edge of the city as well. Apple Valley, Rosemount, Burnsville, Prior Lake and Farmington are all nearby suburbs, which are easily accessible using Interstate Highway 35 and Cedar Avenue/Highway 77. Airlake Industrial Park is also in town, hosting more than 200 businesses and its own airline! The industrial park provides employment for a large portion of owners of homes for sale in Lakeville and the surrounding area.


3 school districts serve Lakeville residents. Homes for sale in Lakeville offer students the opportunity to attend any of 6 magnet elementary schools that focus on leadership, STEM, science and arts. The Minnesota Center for Advanced Professional Studies Program is another public school option, providing a professional environment, mentorship from actual employers, current industry tools and the opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and college credit! Independent School District 196 students in grades 11-12 can take part in the Environmental Studies at the Minnesota Zoo program as well!

To Do, To See

Lakeville real estate owners can explore one of the city’s 62 parks, including greenways, trails, skating rinks, nature areas, public fishing, beaches and more!

Homes for Sale in Lakeville

Owners of homes for sale in Lakeville will find it difficult to be bored. With plenty of parkland, a pro paintball course and an abundance of dining options, Lakeville real estate has it all, and The Antonov Group is ready to help you start your Lakeville story!

Homes For Sale in Lakeville, MN

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