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Getting the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

What is a Home Inspection?

As the word implies, a home inspection is the process of inspecting a home thoroughly in order to give detailed and accurate information about the house in regards to its present condition.

The inspection is done by a hired professional, who is qualified and experienced enough to examine all the physical aspects of the entire house such as walls, doors, windows, pipes, roofing, wiring, structure, surroundings, and more. This is done to determine the real value of the house through a detailed home inspection report.

When is it needed?

Home inspection is usually needed when a house is being sold. It allows the buyer to see the exact condition of the house.

A potential buyer or a hopeful seller may fail to identify issues or notice a lot of important things which a professional can tell through a closer look.

Why is it Important?

Getting a home inspection done is one of the most important parts of a home buying process. Even though most people tend to ignore it, the inspection is highly recommended. It ensures the safety of yourself and your family in the new house. It also gives you a clear picture regarding the condition of the house, as well as home maintenance and updating expenses in the future.

A home inspection discloses facts which could turn out to be a cause of stress and more money later. The post-inspection value of the house puts a buyer in a better position. He or she can negotiate for a lesser price, make a better purchase, or change his or her mind. On the other hand, the seller can make the property more profitable by working on the identified issues and improving the house condition for obtaining a better bargain.

The Benefits

Home inspection is beneficial for both, the buyer and the seller.

Benefits for Buyers

The buyer benefits from:

  • Better position to negotiate purchase price
  • Complete assurance about the quality of the house
  • Information regarding expected maintenance costs and future upkeep
  • Improved decision making
  • Safety and security concerns addressed
  • No unexpected surprises or shocks later
  • Easier to plan budget for future foreseen expenses
  • Greater satisfaction with the home purchased

Benefits for Sellers

The seller benefits from:

  • Addressing issues in the house before putting in the market for sale
  • Improving on the defects of the house can improve house value and chances of getting a higher price
  • Can be used to ensure transparency in dealing
  • Can be used to instill confidence among potential buyers in regards to the quality of the house
  • Ensures a smoother process for selling the house

Make the Most Out of it!

Home inspections are really important!

Now that you know how it can be beneficial to you, do remember to get one done and make the most of it.

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