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With a nickname like Friendly Fridley, this town is the perfect location for your first OR next home. With both full access to multiple gorgeous bodies of water and the opportunity to work with a number of international corporations, Fridley real estate is the place to be! Homes for sale in Fridley are the first giant step towards becoming this city’s next resident!

Fridley’s History

Fridley is a town with a rich history. In fact, you could say that when it became a stop on the iconic fur trading route in 1844, it was Fridley’s first taste of hosting a big business! Just over 100 years later in 1949, Fridley became an official village, and finally, in 1957 a town. The town was named for Abram M Fridley, an esteemed member of the Minnesota House of Representatives!


By purchasing your own piece of Fridley real estate, families can set the pace for their children’s academic future. The area features access to the outstanding Fridley Independent School District 14 and a diverse selection of private school options. For scholars and achievers, the town also hosts a K-12 International Baccalaureate school district!

Location, Location, Location

Starting with a highway the perfectly follows the river, Fridley’s location is nothing short of amazing. Homes for sale in Fridley are right by Interstate 694 and Minnesota State Highways 47 and 65. East River Road, one of the oldest roads in the state, also flows easily throughout the city. Springbrook Creek babbles along the northwest section of town, while Rice Creek goes right through the center of the city. On the west, the mighty Mississippi herself borders the city. Mississippi islands such as Banfield Island and the Island of Peace are also within the city itself. A true island excursion is possible without even heading to the next suburb! Businesses recognize the value of Fridley’s location as well, including the international company Medtronic’s Operational Headquarters and the Target Stores retail distribution center! Nearby cities are Minneapolis, Saint Paul etc.

To Do, To See

Friendly Fridley has many activities to offer, and with homes for sale in Fridley comes a ticket to an active and exciting community. Spend the day or even the weekend exploring Minnesota’s unique natural beauty at the Spring Brook Nature Center. Visit the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts and discover your creative side. For a summer community celebration, join in on the fun at the city’s 49’er Days in mid-June. Featuring a parade, fireworks, softball tournaments, the annual all-class reunion, bingo and live music for all ages, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Homes for Sale in Fridley, MN

Fridley is home to all kinds of people with all types of careers and dreams. If you’re interested in Fridley real estate, located in an area where 85% of residents consider the town a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ place to live, it is better to act sooner than later! The Antonov Group would love to help you find your place here!

Homes For Sale in Fridley, MN

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