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Finding A New Home For Seniors

When major life events happen, people often move into a new home. In fact, you can live in several places over the years thanks to college, marriage, and having kids. Although moving can sometimes be a pain, it’s worth it to finally be in a home that matches your needs.

This is true for seniors as well, especially since many are facing major life changes like retirement or the “empty nest.” However, finding a new home as a senior can be difficult. That’s where you can come in handy. You can help a senior find a right place to love. It starts by understanding what options there are for housing.

Housing Options For Seniors

Chances are, the senior is still living in the same house they’ve been in for years. That can be a problem as the senior gets older, if it’s not already an issue. It can be difficult to keep a big house clean when you start to lose some vision or mobility.

Then what are the options? A Place For Mom explains there are several options so the senior can still live independently:

  • A smaller condo or apartment, especially if it only has one floor.
  • Retirement communities, especially those that offer social and medical assistance.
  • Senior apartments so your friend can live around those their own age.
  • Housing developments that restrict ownership to other seniors.

Depending on the health of the senior, you may also want to explore assisted living residences or nursing homes. While they might not sound fun, they can be a great home for seniors who need regular medical care — or at least to have someone on call in case of emergencies.

Tips For Moving Day Success

Once you’ve found a place for your senior friend, it’s time to start packing.

American Senior Care has a list of five tips for seniors moving into a new place:

  1. Hire movers if you can since they are trained and experienced in doing these jobs.
  2. Plan in advance what to move and what to donate.
  3. Make a list of items most important to the senior so they can be treated with care.
  4. Break packing into smaller, manageable tasks.
  5. Create a plan for where everything will go in the new place.

Another tip is to help the senior declutter by getting rid of unused items. Heirlooms can be given to family, while anything not used by the senior can probably be sold at a yard sale or donated to a local charity. Just make sure you explain everything to the senior before getting rid of anything.

Renovations On A Budget

Often after the move is complete, you start to notice problems in the new place. For seniors, there’s also the chance that they need some modifications as they grow older. That’s why you should look into renovations — but since the senior has a limited income, you need to do so on a budget.

Two of the most important places for remodeling are the bath and bedroom. Because many seniors have problems with vision and balance, installing grab bars is a must. You should also make sure there is adequate lighting, and consider adding a coat of high-contrast paint, which can help as well.

Many renovations require adding or repairing drywall, which should ideally be performed by a professional, since the walls of your home are critical to a sturdy structure. Depending on the scope of the job, drywall installation can run anywhere from $1,055 – $2,329 and take 9-10 days in the Minneapolis area.

The Senior’s New Home Is Out There

A senior has plenty to think about without stressing over a move. That’s why you can help. Explore different housing options, then get some movers and pack slowly over time. Then look into some simple renovations like grab bars so the senior can both be safe and love their new place.

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