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Homes for sale in Elk River are in a community that satisfies its residents’ thirst for art, recreation and education. Named for the herds of majestic elk that once roamed the area, Elk River is a beautiful town just 34 miles northwest of the Twin Cities.


During the last ice age, massive sheets of ice sculpted Elk River’s landscape and created rolling hills. These hills now yield rocky soil, which fuels Elk River’s prosperous gravel mining industry. In the early 1800s, David Frederic Faribault, son of the famous French fur trader Jean-Baptiste Faribault, built a trading post near the conjunction of the two local rivers. This was the beginning of Elk River’s role as a regional commerce center. The mid-19th century saw the construction of the area’s dam, sawmill, grist mills and starch factory as well. Decades later, Charles Babcock, the 1st Commissioner of Highways for Minnesota, conceptualized a network of paved roads that became a model for the rest of America and still line Elk River real estate today.

Location, Location, Location

Homes for sale in Elk River are located at the confluence of Elk River and the Mississippi River. United States Highways 10 and 169, and State Highway 101 run through town, and the Northstar Commuter Rail transports residents to and from downtown Minneapolis and the northwestern suburbs. Nearby towns include Otsego, Albertville, Nowthen and Ramsey. Nearby cities are Minneapolis, Saint Paul etc.


4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools serve the owners of Elk River real estate. Elk River High School has 40 courses eligible for college credit including classes through Advanced Placement and the College in Schools programs. The school also offers career-oriented education in culinary, industrial technology and business departments. Two of the town’s elementary schools are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics magnet schools as well.

To Do, To See

Elk River has a strong focus on supporting the arts. Programs such as ArtSoup, Arts in Harmony and Strings for Youth engage and entertain the community with concerts, shows and exhibitions frequently. Homes for sale in Elk River are also near 2 golf courses and 44 parks sprinkled among 800 acres of parkland. Families can explore history at the Oliver H. Kelley Farm or spend a weekend every winter at Shiver Elk River, which features a hockey tournament, 5/10k, bingo, food, a medallion hunt and of course the Shiver Plunge!

Homes for Sale in Elk River

The home of a long history and heaps of innovation, Elk River is a great town. Homes for sale in Elk River are a perfect option for home buyers, and The Antonov Group knows all the best spots!

Homes For Sale in Elk River, MN

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