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Just 15 miles outside of the Twin Cities, Coon Rapids real estate is an excellent choice for prospective home owners. Homes for sale in Coon Rapids are a guarantee that you will never be bored!


Coon Rapid’s first industry was agriculture, with farms of every size covering the area. In 1835, the Red River Ox Cart Trail was laid for trade and military relations between Anoka and Minneapolis, and Coon Rapids found itself in the heart of a new industry. The Anoka Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company sprung up and pumped money into the city’s economy, and the Clay Hole where the resources were mined still lies within city limits. The Red River Ox Cart Trail is still intact and is now called Coon Rapids Boulevard. In 1912, the building of the Coon Rapids Dam gave the city another economic boost and was the regional power source for the giant Northern States Power Company.

Location, Location, Location

Real estate in Coon Rapids is near Cenaiko Lake and Crooked Lake, in addition to United States Highway 10 and Minnesota State Highways 47 and 610. The Northstar Commuter Rail also has numerous stops in town and connect Coon Rapids to the northwest suburbs and downtown Minneapolis. Northern Lights Express Passenger Rail is expected to break ground next year and will provide a non-stop route to Duluth as well. Coon Rapids hosts over 100 businesses and the headquarters for RMS Company, HOM Furniture, John Roberts Company and ECM Publishers. Nearby cities are Minneapolis, Saint Paul etc.


Coon Rapids real estate owners are served by the Anoka-Hennepin Public School District which offers students a large amount of academic opportunities. The implementation of Project Lead the Way’s biomedical prep program at Coon Rapids High School helps students prepare for careers in the biomedical field. Students can also take Telepresence high level courses in language, business and mathematics, as well as Post-Secondary Enrollment Options and College in Schools classes.

To Do, To See

Whether you’re exploring Coon Rapids’ 48 parks and over 40 miles of trail, teeing up at the award-winning Bunker Hill Golf Club or splashing away at the Bunker Beach Water Park, you’ll be hard pressed to experience boredom in this town. Every 4th of July, make sure to experience a real Coon Rapids 4th with a 5/10k, carnival, parade, pull tabs, bingo, fireworks and car show!

Homes for Sale in Coon Rapids

When you purchase a home for sale in Coon Rapids, the sky is the limit for you and your family. The Antonov Group is excited to help you discover all that this beautiful city has to offer!

Homes For Sale in Coon Rapids, MN

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