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Columbia Heights is a first-ring suburb of the Twin Cities, and a 1st rate community! This is an award-winning town, and homes for sale in Columbia Heights are no less than the best!


This area was originally settled by members of the Polish-American community. Its Polish roots still run deep, as evidenced by the strong connection to its sister city, Lomianki. During World War 2, a group of Allied flyers was tragically shot down during the Warsaw Uprising. One of the flyers who lost their lives was the brother of a Columbia Heights resident. Lomianki erected a monument to each of the American flyers who made the greatest sacrifice in the name of justice, which is why Lomianki holds such a dear place in the hearts of Columbia Heights residents. A favorite fun fact of Columbia Heights native is that Abraham Lincoln’s funeral car was kept here, and Thomas Lowry restored the vehicle and took it to shows all over the country.

Location, Location, Location

Homes for sale in Columbia Heights are within minutes of the bustling Twin Cities but still enjoy a strong sense of local community. Minnesota States Highway 47 and Minnesota State Highway 65 (also known as University Avenue and Central Avenue respectively) are 2 of the town’s main routes, and are lined with prospering businesses. The Columbia Heights Transit Center also has multiple stops throughout town, giving residents even easier access to the metro area. Nearby cities are Minneapolis, Saint Paul etc.


The town is within Independent School District 13 and includes Columbia Heights High School, Columbia Academy and 3 elementary schools. Homes for sale in Columbia Heights also offer access to 2 private schools and the Academy of Bioscience! Columbia Heights High School has a multitude of courses through AVID, College Possible, GenesysWorks and more. It has also earned a spot on the College Board’s AP Honor Roll and has been named ‘AP Small District of the Year’! Students can take advanced engineering classes and get a head start for college through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program.

To Do, To See

Owning Columbia Heights real estate gives you a front seat to the regional festival, the Columbia Heights Jamboree, featuring a beer garden, medallion hunt, carnival, 5k, jam tasting, softball tournament, live music, waffle breakfast and fireworks! Year round, stroll through the gorgeous Kordiak, Labelle and Edgemoore Parks or dine at one of the city’s many restaurants!

Homes for Sale in Columbia Heights

Few towns offer the same convenience and community characteristic of Columbia Heights. Columbia heights homes for sale are a gateway to a bright future, and The Antonov Group can help you obtain your key!

Homes For Sale in Columbia Heights, MN

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