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5 Updates to Consider Before Putting a Home Up for Sale

Planning to Sell Your Home? 5 Economical Updates to Consider

Anyone planning to sell their home will have a lot to think about, and among those thoughts will be what updates should be made before the “For Sale” sign is placed in the yard.

Putting money into a home that will soon be for sale can be a wasted effort in some cases, but with the right updates it is possible to raise the value of the home and potentially help it sell faster, as well.

1. New, Neutral Paint

Bright paint schemes and unique colors rarely win over buyers. Most buyers prefer more neutral, toned-down color palettes, both inside and outside the home. While it may cost you some money up front, the softer colors and clean, fresh paint may go a very long way toward enticing a buyer to purchase the house, especially if it has been a while since the last round of touch-ups.

2. Replacing old Carpet

Worn, old carpet is not going to appeal to a buyer who wants to purchase a home and move right in. Even though flooring can be somewhat costly, putting in new carpet can really help with a sale. This should typically only be done if the current carpet is in serious need of replacement, however. It is a good idea to ask your agent what their opinion is before making any big decisions.

3. Bathroom Fixtures

Old, worn, or damaged bathroom counters, drawers, sinks, and faucets can make a buyer shy away. Replacing these items before selling a home can bring a lot of value, and can be well worth the expense. In most cases, there is no need for top of the line replacements – you can typically find quality economical options if you do your research. Options that are clean, new, and neutral are the way to go. While you’re at it, you may want to check for any leaks or clogs before anyone comes to see your home.

4. Energy Star Windows

Old, drafty windows can mean larger energy bills and a home that always feels too warm or too cold, depending on the season. Vinyl replacement windows have a reasonable cost in most cases, and provide the potential buyer with a cost savings over time that could mean the difference between purchasing one house instead of another one. Energy Star rated windows may also be a tax write-off, for an added benefit to the seller.

5. Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most important issues to attend to when selling a house. Buyers who drive by or pull into the driveway want to see a house that looks like home to them. By updating the front door/porch, and the flower beds/landscaping, the entire look of the front of the home can be improved. Flowers, trees, and bushes that are well cared for and neatly trimmed up also show buyers that the house has been taken care of properly, which can help them feel better about their purchase. At the very least, tidying up, pulling weeds, and removing dead plants can be done for free while drastically improving the look of your home.

There are certainly many approaches sellers can take to make their home more attractive to buyers. These 5 projects won’t cost you too much, but can make a big difference when implemented correctly. In addition, make sure to ask your real estate agent what other tasks they think will help you make the sale!

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