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Are Multifamily Homes for Sale in MN Good Investments?

Multifamily homes for sale in MN are usually of greatest interest to investors. There are some people, however, that may be interested in looking at a duplex or a triplex as a place where they can occupy one unit and rent out the others. This can be a good way to handle the expenses of homeownership. Here are some things to consider about buying multifamily homes. Read More!

How to Invest in Foreclosures

How to Invest in Foreclosures – Stage 1

Foreclosure investing closely resembles property flipping. It involves buying a property that is going through foreclosure and has a price tag that is considerably below its market value and then selling the property at market value to make a profit. Most of the bank owned properties are not in the greatest condition and some require work. Some of these would be a simple fixer upper project that involves carpet and paint and others require a full rehab and is more suitable for a seasoned and experienced investor. If you are looking to invest in foreclosures, here are some things that you should know:

The foreclosure process can be divided into three steps: pre-foreclosure, foreclosure auction, and REO. Read More!

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