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5 Buyer Mistakes and Ideas

How to Avoid Five Mistakes That Home Buyers Make

  • Make sure to use a buyer’s agent

When you visit a potential home, the agent showing the house represents ONLY the sellers. It’s like walking into a lion’s den with a skirt and blouse made of steak. Not only will a buying agent protect YOUR interests, but they can offer invaluable insight into the housing market and buying process.


  • Don’t shop for homes before you’re preapproved

Buying a home is an exciting and promising adventure! Setting your heart on a home without knowing what you can afford can lead to heartbreak, and put a negative spin on your entire experience.


  • Always search for first-time buyer programs and grants

There are many opportunities to receive tax breaks, discounts, bonuses, down payment assistance, waived closing costs and more specifically for first-time homes buyers! Make sure to check the HUD website for state programs, in addition to county and city sites.  Or just call The Antonov Group, because our experts know the ins and outs of these benefits and are happy to guide buyers through every step of the process!


  • Never neg a potential home

Acting unimpressed and aloof is an age-old buyer’s tactic, but it has no place in home shopping! How would you feel if someone came into your home and made nothing but rude remarks? Negging doesn’t lower a house’s price, it just causes sellers to refuse a sale and shoo you right out of their home.


  • Don’t rely solely on online home value estimates

A quick search of available properties will often take you to sites with general estimates on a property’s value. These estimates are created by machines using cold statistics and numbers, and don’t take factors like neighborhoods, schools, style and personal needs into consideration. Relying solely on these ball-park figures can lead to vastly overpaying for a home, or missing out on a great opportunity because of an incorrect estimate. Real estate agents, especially those at The Antonov Group, understand the needs of individual buyers and the nuances of each home, and can help you save time, money and stress!



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