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Everyone in Minnesota recognizes the name Albertville. Whether it’s in relation to hockey, the massive performing arts center or of course the famous Albertville Premium Outlets, homes for sale in Albertville give you the chance to  find your place in an iconic town.


Albertville was once known as Hamburg, and was founded by two average Joe’s, Joseph and Josephine Vetsch. The Minneapolis and Northwestern Railroad Company soon purchased a narrow strip of land straight through the area for a measly $125. Stimulated by the new route, Hamburg grew and eventually became St. Michael’s. Years later, the town finally became Albertville, as it is still known today. It is a town built literally by its hardworking residents. When it became an official township, the newly formed council took a vote and decided that all males between the ages of 20-50 would donate 1 full day’s work to the creation of the village streets. It was the responsibility of the nearest homeowner to light the oil lamps that would line these streets. The baseball field was also built with every resident being asked to contribute one day’s labor. Homes for sale in Albertville are surrounded by the fruits of cooperation and hard work.

Location, Location, Location

Albertville is generally regarded as the halfway point between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Cloud. Interstate 94 serves as the main route through the city, and County Roads 19,37 and 38 are close nearby. Real estate in Albertville gives homeowner’s the option to head to two major cities in as little as 45 minutes. Nearby cities are Minneapolis, Saint Paul etc.


Homes for sale in Albertville provide students with high quality schools in the St. Michael-Albertville Independent School District #885. With 1 high school, 2 middle schools, 4 elementary schools and 2 alternative academies, this is a town filled opportunities to learn. The high school is the 2nd largest in the state, measuring at a whopping 410,000 square feet and featuring Minnesota’s largest performing arts center, which seats 1450.

To Do, To See

Albertville is perhaps best known for the Albertville Premium Outlets. Homes for sale in Albertville are in a community that is constantly being pumped full of dollars from over 100 retail stores. When you’re not shopping, you can check out the local STMA Ice Arena or enjoy some of the city’s many parks. Don’t forget to come out for the Friendly City Days in June. 2017 will be the festival’s 30th anniversary, and they’re celebrating with AWF Wrestling, a craft beer night, a parade, a craft fair, a toddler town, bingo and more!

Homes for Sale in Albertville

When one major city isn’t enough, Albertville is an excellent option to enjoy having 2 unique metro areas nearby. Homes for sale in Albertville offer incomparable shopping, community engagement and top notch schools. Let The Antonov Group get you started on finding your own bit of Albertville real estate!

Homes For Sale in Albertville, MN

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