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Finding the Right Housing Solutions as a Senior: What You Need to Know

Buy a home in Minnesota means something different to everyone. It can be the house we’ve lived our whole lives or where we are surrounded by friends and loved ones. If you’re considering what to do now that you’re a senior, here are some different ways you can age in the community of your choice.

Village-to-Village Living

If you are looking for something different, you could consider village-to-village living. There are various types of village living available. One form of such living allows you to age in place with the benefit of community help. You join the village, and in return, you have a group of people to rely on. You may have specific services provided, like transportation and lawn services, for a yearly fee. With this sort of community, you have the benefit of remaining in the home you’ve built while receiving the help you need. Then there are the retirement villages, or specific housing dedicated to retirees. The homes are easier to maintain, and you have a group of people in similar situations to support each other nearby. There are social engagements available, so you don’t need to worry about not having something planned for your weekends. Often, medical care is readily provided and close at hand should it be necessary.

Consider Shared Living

One growing form of housing among seniors is shared living spaces. There are many benefits to sharing a living space; for example, not only will you have companionship and extra security, but you will save financially by having someone else move in, or by moving into a shared home. According to HomeAdvisor, “As a matter of fact, a growing number of baby boomers are turning to shared living as an aging-in-place housing option. A 2014 AARP analysis of census data found approximately 132,000 households and 490,000 women over the age of 50 living with non-romantic peers.” This may allow you to age in place while simultaneously providing the security of communal living. There are websites (such as those listed by Senior Advisor) you can use to find reputable roommates, whether they’re fellow seniors or even young people, like students, looking for affordable accommodation.

Subsidize Your Home

If you are looking for a more manageable solution, you can apply for government assistance in several ways. Section 8 Housing is a form of low-income housing that offers everything from apartments to single-family homes. As a senior, you will be given priority if you qualify. You can even search your area for low-income housing if you are interested in seeing what properties would be available to you locally. This way, you could stay close to family and friends while having some of the financial burden alleviated through government assistance. Your local housing agency can give you more information about what you need to qualify in your area.

Age in Place

Whether you join a village, bring in a roommate, or simply choose to live alone in your home, there are ways you can modify your property to make it more practical as you age. To make doors easier to use, you might have swing away hinges installed. These can help to widen a door without paying to remodel of your home. Grab bars will be invaluable in bathrooms, both by toilets and in showers or tubs. If your threshold has a slight step to it, you may want to level it to prevent trips and make it easier for wheelchair users to enter the home.

There are plenty of options available to baby boomers as retirement draws closer. There are more traditional choices and unique takes on communal living that more and more are trying. After all, one of the greatest things in life is the company we keep, and knowing that you will always have someone there to listen, to chat, and to help when needed.



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